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Bio Safety Cabinet Refrigerated Reagent Cabinet

Bio Safety Cabinet

Our Bio Safety Cabinet automatically balances the inflow and downflow air velocities in real time. Our proven reliability,
10-degree front slop ergonomic design and energy efficiency will improves your laboratory comfort, safety and contamination protection. Your one choice will greatly satisfy you with the excellent work performance and the complete protection from various hazardous particulates.
1)User-friendly design of control system offers various functionality such as Motor blower, Lights, UV Light, Outlets, Alarm silence.
2)Double-wall structure on the three sides of the cabinet. To prevent any leakage of the contaminated air, the contaminated area is surrounded by negative pressure. Control system and pipelines are completely separated from the contaminated zone for convenient and safe maintenance.
3)Stable and self-compensating airflow minimizes air turbulence within the work zone and reduces the chances of cross contamination.
4)A 10 degree sloped front window design for comfortable operation.
5)Workspace and work tray is fabricated with one piece of stainless steel with rounded angles to reduce particulate adhesion and for easy cleaning and maintenance
6)6mm anti-reflective front tempered window with UV protection
7)Removable work tray in one piece for easy cleaning and collecting the spilled liquid.
8)Adapted the highly energy efficiency BLDC motor
Mechanical characteristics
Model Name JI-BSC-101
External Dimension WxDxH 1354x789x1267mm
Internal Dimension WxDxH 1220x626x649mm
CabinetMain Construction Stainless Steel 304L
Air Flow 70% recirculated, 30% exhausted
Length of front opening 200mm
Ave. Inflow Speed 0.5m/s
Ave. Downflow Speed 0.35m/s
HEPA Filters HEPA Class 114 filters according to EN1822
Light Intensity 1000 lux
UV Lamp 254nm/FL 30Wx1
Sound Level 60
Window Glass 6mm Tempered Glass
Voltage/Frequency 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 450W
Weight 250Kg

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