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Bio Safety Cabinet Refrigerated Reagent Cabinet

Refrigerated Reagent Cabinet

Our Refrigerated Reagent Cabinet is designed to prevent any explosion by using Polyurethane foam inside and outside the unit. Our reagent cabinet guarantees safe and secure storage for critical lap samples and materials. You can trust our technology completely
1) While maintaining low temperature, it purifies toxic gases in the cabinet through specially designed negative ion generating Plasma and Chemical filter housing.
2) Protect UV triple heating glass door
3) Digital touch type Auto controller
4) Auto defrost function
5) Temperature control 0℃ ~ 40℃
6) Safety device: Alarming when the temperature rises 15℃more than the set value
7) High level stainless
8) Door lock key VOCs Sensor
Mechanical characteristics
Model Name Refrigerating Reagent Chamber, JI-RC-102
Dimension 750x800x2,000mm
Material External: Stainless 430, Internal: Stainless 455
Cooling Compressor 1/3 HP 280W
Door Molding Silicon Magnetic Molding
Controller Auto Twin Time
Storage Volume About 250 bottles (About 600liter)
Shelves Changeable 8~10 shelves
Temperature Setup method Micom Temperature control system
Power 220V 60Hz
Weight 120kg

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