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Plasma Generation Power Source Combined Deterioration Chamber Power Management System Smart meter

Plasma Generation Power Source

It is test equipment for the 3-phase synthetic making test of circuit breaker of distribution system according to circuit breaker standards (IEC62271-100)
Installation Type Portable type Mounted on a trolley
Control Unit Control Voltage AC 220V
Insulation Type Operating Pressure: 0.5~3MPa(Gauge)
High pressure air injection type Washing Pressure: 7MPa(Gauge)
Rated Insulation Voltage Between electrodes 200kVac
Electrode to ground 400kVac, 550kVdc
Carrying Current Between main electrodes: 63kA(rms), 165kAp(Peak), 60ms
Input/output conductor: 63kA(rms), 165kAp(Peak), 0.5sec
Main Electrode Material (High strength) Graphite

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