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Plasma Generation Power Source Combined Deterioration Chamber Power Management System Smart meter

Combined Deterioration Chamber

The combined deterioration chamber is equipment for testing a polymer-based insulating material and other power apparatuses used at high voltage and severe environment. In order to guarantee the long life of polymer-based high-voltage insulating materials and in order to accurately assess their reliability, the equipment of our company has the following system.
1) Wet Tester
2) Salt Spray Tester
3) UV Light System
4) Electrical Property Measurement System
5) Data Acquisition and Recording System
6) Protective Device and Stabilizer
Input Voltage 3-phase 220V, 60Hz
Temperature Control Range -30 ~ 100℃
Humidity Control Range 25 ~ 98%RH
Maximum Test Voltage 50kV, continuous rating
The Amount of Water Supplied 4mm or above/minute per nozzle
The Amount of Salt Water Sprayed 40cc or above/minute per nozzle
UV Dose 10W/m2
The External Dimension of Chamber 3500x5000x4500mm(H)
Temperature Control Range
Temperature Range -50 ~ 150℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.1℃
Temperature Uniformity ±2.0℃
Rate of Increase in Temperature 2℃/min
Rate of Decrease in Temperature 1℃/min

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