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SF6 Gas Insulated LBS (Overhead Line) SF6 Gas Insulated LBS (Underground Line) Oil Insulated ASS Disconnecting Swtich

Disconnecting Switch

The disconnecting switch is a switchgear used for line segment, isolating the sections of the main distribution lines, and reconfiguration in order to inspect and repair an apparatus or line. And it is not used for switching load current, but for simply making and breaking connections on a charged line. That is to say, the disconnecting switch is used in separating a circuit for safety after breaking by a circuit breaker the circuit to which load or voltage is applied in case of circuit reconfiguration or apparatus inspection or repair.
Rated Voltage (kV) 24
Rated Short-Time Voltage (kA, RMS) 20, 80, 100
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (kV) 60
Impulse Withstand Voltage (kV) 150
Number of No-Voltage Operations (Times) 5,000
Weight (kg) 50
Applied Standards IEC62271-102

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